This is the place that many brothers call home during their time at college. The place where many of their fondest college memories are made, and the place where the brothers really form their bonds, sharing their experiences together.

The house is cleaned on a weekly basis to ensure that it remains a desirable place to live for the brothers, and to visit for friends. To see more, click on an image of the house at the bottom of your screen!

Note: The pictures of the bedrooms in the house are out of date, we've recently installed new lofts. Pictures for those will be up soon.

We offer summer housing from June 10 to August 20.

Rent is $2,000 for the whole summer and there is a security deposit of $500 both which need to be paid within the first week of moving in.

Summer housing at Nu Delta includes: free laundry, open kitchen, access to all common areas, and free wifi. Please direct all summer housing inquiries to